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Luxury 7 Gray Room Ideas are more than decorating

Gray Room Ideas

Gray Room Ideas

If you instantly connect gray with dull, gloomy, or boring, think again. Gray is a versatile color that may be utilized in a variety of settings, ranging from light and calm to powerful and dark.

To give you some ideas, we’ve collected 7 gray room designs that use the neutral color in unique and intriguing ways (and to show that this color is anything from dull).

Because no two shades of gray are the same, these suggestions cover a wide range of styles, applications, and more. The only decision you’ll have to make now is which color will look best in your space.

When you think of Gray room ideas, do you see a dull space? Gray can be bright as well as relaxing. Gray rooms won’t be monotonous or depressing. They are actually refreshing and comfortable; a Gray room can give your home a modern look with these top 7 Gray Room Ideas.

1. Dark Gray Room

Gray Room Ideas

This dark gray accent wall is gorgeous in this small bedroom that was done up by Dottie Angel for Decorpad. The walls were painted Benjamin Moore’s Gray Dove, while the ceiling and woodwork got a coat of white paint from Benjamin Moore’s called Simply White. The windows are wrapped in ivory panels that act like soft window blinds.

2. Gray And Red Room

Gray Room Ideas

Mixing shades of Gray with red and yellow can really make the Gray room into a very bold, bright combination. The best Gray color to use in this case would be lighter grays: Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl or Gray Blue.

3. Gray And Yellow Room

Combining a Gray room with any other color is a great idea. In this case, the walls were painted gray ( Benjamin Moore’s Silver Drop ) while the rest of the room was decorated in shades of yellow from curtains to chairs.

4. Gray Room With Coral Wall

A dark-gray accent wall is stunning paired with white bedding and coral accents used as accessories throughout this bedroom designed by Homedit. The stone texture on the backsplash behind the stove contrasts nicely with the textured wallpaper on the rest of the Gray room walls.

5. Gray And White Room

Gray and white room ideas can be very classy when done right. Gray accent walls with white furniture, ceiling, and floors work well together. This Gray room has gray walls painted Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl, while the ceiling, floors, and woodwork were kept in shades of pure white

6. Gray And Green Room

Gray doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous, adding some color like green can really make the Gray room come alive. Gray is the perfect backdrop for vibrant pops of color like seen in this photograph by Hanne Christensen for Lonny Magazine. Gray walls with a touch of minty refreshing green from plants and artwork add another level of interest and dimension into your Gray room.

7. Gray And Blue Room

Gray and blue Gray can relax you as well as make Gray’s room look fresh and clean. Gray Blue is a great color for the walls. But to add some depth into your Gray room, like in this Gray room designed by Anne-Laure Pelège for Maison et Objet, you could paint one wall a lighter shade of gray or even use two different shades of gray on each side of the Gray wall – this would give it more impact compared to if you had the same tone throughout your Gray room.

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