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Baby Girl Room – 27 Adorable Designs to Inspire You

Baby Girl Room

Regardless of your preferred design style, creating a perfectly balanced space sometimes requires some discipline. Yes, we’re addressing you, maximalists.
Consider this: there always appears to be something restricting your creativity, whether it’s the limits you set with a selected color palette, a certain theme you’re aiming for, or the furniture arrangement you use to create an equal flow across the space.

However, there is one area where you can go all out—in fact, the more colors, patterns, layers, and ornamental elements you have, the better. Of course, we’re talking about the infant nursery’s awe-inspiring cuteness overload.

We have 30 baby girl rooms that don’t hold back, whether you’re looking for a traditional princess feel, something that brings the best of nature inside, or a design that’s contemporary and unexpected. Scroll through for the motivation you need to unleash your inner artist.

1- Add some style to Where the Wild Things Are

Wild Things

A beautiful woodsy design will bring the beauty of the outdoors into your baby girl’s nursery. This design, which includes trees, streams, and forest creatures, is guaranteed to pique your child’s interest.
Wooden accents, soft animals, and a comfortable corner for storytime and frequent feedings complete the look.

2- Create a Gallery Wall that is Baby-Friendly

Gallery Wall

Although gallery walls are common in rooms like the living room and dining room, there’s something particularly charming about incorporating one into a nursery.
Hang stills from your baby’s favorite storybooks over the crib to keep his or her imagination going all day and night. The greatest thing is that it’s also Instagrammable.

3- Make a Pastel Party in Your Nursery

Pastel Party

We don’t know what is more evidence that pastels may seem smart than adorable than this infant nursery.
Thanks to the pair of pastel ombre paintings hanging above this cot, this soft-toned room seems surprisingly chilly. Find a comparable set or get creative and make your own.

4- Have a flock of birds that flies together

flock of birds

For years to come, this famous wallpaper design will delight both infants and parents.
It’s a place you’ll never want to leave, thanks to special details like a statement side table, velvet ottoman, and pineapple-shaped hamper—and we’re certain baby will adore it as well.

5- Add a touch of yellow to your look

This gray and white nursery is the ideal neutral background for your baby girl’s development. It’s pleasing to the eye and provides a calm environment for your child to sleep, play, and snuggle up for storytime. We particularly like how the bright yellow accents make it suitable for babies.

6- Pile On The Primary Colored Prints

Give your child a place to explore his or her imagination. This bedroom, which has zebra wallpaper, red stripes, and primary polka dots, is one of the most inspirational spaces we’ve seen. The prints will keep your baby’s eyes occupied, and the bright colors will undoubtedly stimulate their developing brain.

7- When Nature Calls, Answer

Baby Girl Room

This rustic infant nursery would be equally at home in an adult’s cabin. From season to season, the birch tree wallpaper mounted forest plush toys, and warm wooden furniture give this neutral room a pleasant atmosphere.

8- Take a trip down the rabbit hole

Baby Girl Room

Bunnies are equally feminine, fun, and infant-appropriate if you’re still looking for a theme for your baby’s nursery. To bring that fluffy cottontail charm into your young girl’s room, use framed artwork, bunny-ear decorations, and soft toys.

9- Enter the Secret Garden

Baby Girl Room

With a hidden garden theme in your nursery, you may bring the pages of a tale to life. To add a touch of elegance, use flowery wall decals, plush animal toys, and gold accents.
The watercolor-inspired flower mural looks so charming when combined with such an expensive mirror.

10- Construct the Ideal Girl’s Hideaway

Baby Girl Room

We just have one question: when will we be able to move in? To create a place that seems suitable for quality mommy-daughter time, this girl’s nursery combines fun pieces—the vintage pink dresser, mustard-colored canopy, and sculptural lamp—with elegant accents like contemporary art and a neutral-colored botanical pattern wallpaper.

11- Visit a place where love thrives

Baby Girl Room

This bright wallpaper is just what the doctor prescribed for one happy baby and even more contented parents. That birdcage pendant lamp is adorable as can be as if the cacti-print wallpaper wasn’t enough to feast your eyes on.
This colorful room is given a sophisticated balance by thick crown molding and built-in bookshelves coated in a new coat of white paint.

12- Create a Play area

Baby Girl Room

Every object in your baby girl’s room gives her the chance to practice her motor abilities. We love how playful this indoor jungle gym is in a baby’s nursery, and how it encourages autonomous play.

We like how this Lily & River 3-piece Little Pro Set can be constructed in so many different ways, guaranteeing hours of fun and innovation.
It’s like sleeping on a playground, and what child wouldn’t want to do that?

13- Everything is in the details

Baby Girl Room

The tiny things, from the art on the walls to the carefully chosen shelving and storage solutions, make a big difference in a baby’s nursery, just like they do in any other space.
Stick with basic art designs, color-coordinated books, and organize goods in transparent acrylic and crocheted baskets to keep things young but also as aesthetically beautiful as the rest of your home.

14- Adopt a baby-friendly and boho aesthetic

Baby Girl Room

Simple, silver mobile and muted art poster complement the rattan bassinet in this nursery, while the big circular mirror reflects light throughout the area. The outcome is a little bohemian, a warm minimalist interpretation that would appeal to even the most seasoned art collector.

15- Create a Sweet Escape for a Baby Girl

Baby Girl Room

There’s nothing like a splash of color to make you want to bring your baby home even more. The watermelon pattern wallpaper is the perfect complement to the pink crib and rose carpeting. Play Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar, Alexa.

16- Make a Gray Hideaway

Baby Girl Room

Who’d have guessed a mostly gray color palette could be so fun? The addition of a capiz chandelier and fake fur textures give this baby girl-friendly area a glitzy air, while the whitewashed wood and forest soft toys give it a rustic sense. Overall, this space finds a pleasing equilibrium that is both warm and inviting.

17-Take a stroll in a wicker wonderland

Baby Girl Room

Wicker has a way of making things feel more lovely, and what could be more fitting for a little girl’s room? A few new or thrifted wicker trays hanging in a beautiful arrangement can add charm to your future nursery.

18- Fuse Gray and Beige

The patterned accent wall (there are small giraffes in that pattern), layered carpets, and trio of mounted plush toys make this largely greige interior anything but dull. We’re not sure anything will inspire more design ideas than this animal-themed nursery.

19- Make a tribute to The Jungle Book

Baby Girl Room

We’re totally smitten with this nursery, which is a mix of jungle-chic and glam thanks to that gorgeous gold crib. Create something genuinely unique by hand painting a floral pattern, or make it simple on yourself by using decals or peel-and-stick wallpaper to mimic the effect.

20- Play Patterns All Day

Baby Girl Room

Mixing prints is one of our favorite design aspects in home décor, and this young girl’s nursery accomplishes it in a big way. The area rug’s blue plaid goes nicely with the baby blue dresser, and the two together bring out the blue flowers in this charming wallpaper. Finally, the pink tassel chandelier unites this sweet space.

21- Venture Out Into The Wild

Baby Girl Room

With rattan furnishings, animal portraits, and a botanical rug set against an achromatic wallpaper design, this infant nursery achieves the right mix between boho and jungle-chic. With a touch of midcentury in the form of this lovely Happiest Baby bassinet with woodgrain accents and hairpin legs, you’ve got yourself a warm and inviting environment to greet your new baby.

22- Create Cozy Reading Nooks

Set up comfortable areas with pillows for afternoon reading and a canopy or forts to hide out in to make your little girl’s room magical. If you add some twinkling lights, you’ll be the coolest parent on the neighborhood in no time.

23- A Swan Song

Swans are believed to represent elegance, beauty, and self-love, and we can’t think of a more fitting motif (and message) for your newborn girl’s nursery. This room shouts grace and beauty, as expected, with its wallpaper, quirky swan frames, and rocking toy.

24- Take Down the Walls

Baby Girl Room

Install wallpaper to immediately improve the design of your daughter’s room if you’re in doubt. A bright color curtain with the proper pattern (like this baby-friendly version on the current terrazzo design) can transform a room from plain to stunning. too.

25- It’s All About the Affirmations

Baby Girl Room

Positive affirmations, as we all know, are crucial in the early stages of your child’s life. Using their room décor to remind your youngster of them on a regular basis is a cute method to do it. Ikonic Kids’ adorable canvas is precisely what you need to create a strong, brave lady.

26- Select Your Gadgets Carefully

Babies have a habit of gathering a lot of things. Before you know it, you’ve completely filled their nursery, then the living room, and ultimately your room. However, some goods, such as a baby monitor, are required.

It will seem like part of the space, not clutter if you select one that mixes in smoothly with your decor. This Cubo Ai Plus camera keeps your kid secure and matches this boho nursery perfectly. It’s the most significant addition you’ll make, from the basic yet quirky design to the wood grain details.

27- Make it a one-of-a-kind item

Personalized nameplates that hang over the crib are one of the most popular baby room ideas right now. This one goes perfectly with the crib and stands out against the rose-print wallpaper. It’s a kind gesture designed particularly for your child that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Look through Etsy stores for one handcrafted particularly for your kid with her name on it.

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