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6 different amazing methods to make a rustic Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian interior design: traditional vs. rustic What exactly is the distinction?

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

If living in a clean, bright, and clutter-free environment is your vision of an ideal house, the Scandinavian home style is a great place to start.
What if, on the other hand, your kitchen preferences lean somewhat toward warmer tones than the typical Scandinavian kitchen’s white hues?

What if, instead of the clean, streamlined designs made of plastics and laminated wood, you want earthy wooden accents in your kitchen space? You’ll be happy to learn that there is a unique variation to the appearance, and it’s one you’ll like! This article is devoted to helping you create a Nordic kitchen design that is full of texture and character, from rustic Scandinavian style lighting to antique copper accessories.
Continue reading to learn how to build a rustic Scandinavian kitchen.

1- Color choices for rustic Scandinavian

Crisp white walls and tidy kitchen unit design are hallmarks of traditional Scandinavian kitchen design.

When utilized as the main color throughout your kitchen, white has many benefits, not the least of which is its capacity to maximize natural light, so it’s not to be ignored, especially in rustic Scandinavian interior design.

All we’re attempting to do is add some earthy beige, orange, and wood textures to your clean whites. Check out this little collection for some rustic Scandi kitchen ideas…

• Distressed wooden dining table
• Used scaffold plank shelves
• Live edge chopping boards
• Barstools in a copper or industrial style
• Lighting made of rusted metal, rope, or rattan

Accessorize with a scattering of earthy colors and textures amid all those gorgeous whites and blacks for a rustic Scandi style kitchen.

2- Lighting in a rustic Scandi style

It is critical to have proper lighting in all kitchens, not just the rustic Scandinavian style kitchen. The lighting in traditional Scandinavian kitchens is sleek and streamlined, typically black or white and, above all, very simple.

However, we have a couple more choices with the rustic Nordic aesthetic.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

• lights made of wicker and rattan
• lights made of mesh
• lights made of concrete

lights made of wicker an

The use of wicker and rattan in the kitchen is a wonderful way to add a touch of rustic charm. The rustic appeal of your new Nordic kitchen décor is enhanced by the ‘imperfect’ character of these handcrafted patterns.

lights made of mesh

This type of lighting is a great fit for the trend because of the organic curves of the newest mesh-style designs. This edgy type of lighting pairs well with your rustic Scandinavian kitchen background by utilizing warm, earthy tones like brass and bronze.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

Lights Made of Concrete

Concrete pendant lights not only complement the sleek and streamlined appearance of Scandinavian fashion but also have a lovely rustic appeal owing to their raw and earthy substance.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

3- Shelving that is open

Open shelving is a dramatic design choice that is often seen in industrial-style houses. If you can locate a wonderfully aged piece of wood or perhaps some old scaffold boards from a construction site, you may make an open front kitchen shelf that fits the rustic Scandinavian interior design trend.

The trick is to be daring and show off your culinary condiments! To create a crowded look to one specific wall in the kitchen, display pasta, coffee, and tea in glass jars, liquor bottles, cookbooks, photographs, and any number of antique-style decorations.

Just try to keep the rest of your appearance clean to balance it out.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

4- Accents with an industrial feel

The industrial and Scandinavian styles are polar opposites, but by using aged timbers and a somewhat warmer color palette, the boundaries between them begin to merge.

Remember that if you go too far, you risk losing the Scandi simplicity that we all know and adore. Keep in mind that the rustic Scandi design kitchen trend is accomplished via attentive accenting. Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

Shelving for Industry

Stools for the industrial bar

Dining table

Mirrors with metal accents

Shelving for Industry

Good shelving is necessary not just for keeping things clean, but also for achieving the desired Nordic appearance. Keep your shelves simple and allow your plants and accessories do the talking.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

Stools for industrial use

An industrial, wooden top bar stool is the perfect complement to your stunning white marble or quartz countertop. The contrast is striking, the appearance is fresh, and the quality is stunning. Take a look at our blog article on the finest industrial bar stools.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

Industrial Dining table

Opt for an industrial design solid wood top dining table with heavy steel legs for a pared down approach to your Nordic table presentations. When completely adorned with a full variety of Nordic dinnerware, these lovely pieces of furniture frequently serve as the room’s focal point (point 5).

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

Mirrors with metal

Scatter a few chosen industrial items among your daily, go-to kitchen equipment and utensils to maintain the appearance new and distinct. These eccentric home accessories, which range from metal table mirrors to industrial-style lights, give your Scandinavian kitchen a rustic feel.

rustic Scandinavian kitchen

5- Kitchen accessories in a rustic Scandi design

When creating a place, never overlook the little details. The last parts to the jigsaw are the little things, and with rustic Scandi design kitchen accessories, you’ll bring a touch of elegance to your surroundings. Think ‘layers’ when it comes to creating a really rustic Scandi dinner table.

From the ground up, create your Nordic table presentations. Consider contrasting materials such as wood, cotton, and stoneware, and pair them with neutral color tones that compliment them.

Stoneware dinnerware from Scandinavia

Nordic stoneware dinnerware gives your table settings a lovely ‘imperfect’ look. Don’t skimp on your ceramics, from crooked mugs and plates to speckled and sandy textures. Use them to create a lasting impression of elegance and style.

Chopping boards and bowls made of wood

Displaying a variety of live edge (wonky) chopping boards and serving ware in your kitchen setting creates a strong connection with nature, which fits in well with the rustic Scandinavian kitchen style. To enhance your Nordic table presentations, remember to match with neutral-hued dinnerware.

6- Copper, brass, and bronze accents

The use of earthy colored metals is one of the most noticeable contrasts between conventional Scandinavian kitchen design and rustic Scandinavian design trends.

Keep in mind that these materials should be utilized to complement rather than overwhelm your kitchen’s décor. Let’s have a look at some possibilities.

• Backsplash in copper

• Bar stools made of copper

• Cabinet handles in brass and bronze

• Pans and pots made of copper

• Backsplash in aged copper

Backsplash in copper

Copper backsplash panels are excellent for giving a rich sense of character to your rustic Scandinavian kitchen design, as well as for accenting a wall.

Bar stools made of copper

A beautifully gilded copper-covered bar stool will complement your antique copper backsplash. Copper bar stools are a unique alternative to traditional bar stools and are in keeping with the rustic Scandinavian design trend.

Cabinet handles made of brass and bronze

Remember how we mentioned accent rather than overpowering? It’s the little details that make your rustic Scandinavian kitchen stand out. So give your kitchen cabinets a new lease of life with a set of brass or bronze kitchen cabinet knobs.

Pots and pans made of copper

The appearance of a traditional Scandinavian kitchen is clean and simple. Much the same may be seen in the rustic style, but with a sprinkling of earthy touches. To add a heavy rustic touch to your kitchen, hang a collection of copper pans and pots.

That’s all there is to it. Our 6 methods to create a rustic Scandinavian kitchen design may just help you combine the two styles if you love everything about the traditional Nordic kitchen design trend but also like the ever-popular modern-rustic style. Mix in some sandy creams, distressed wooden furniture, and copper accents among your whitewashed walls and jet black accessories. Remember that the style is created by stacking different materials with complementary colors and textures, and don’t go overboard; this is still the minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic we all know and love, but with an earthy, totally appealing rustic twist.

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